How Much Time Does the Program Take?

WiseHouse is designed for Director/Executive Level Leaders.  

The pricing includes the planning and preparation to design and deliver the 3-day customized experience.  It also includes the 2 social/networking events and post-visit feedback collection.  


What is a "Guest" and a "Host?"

What are the Legal Parameters of the Program?

During the "ONE Exchange" program, there is one Rotation lasting 3 days.  During the Rotation,  two "Guests" will arrive to the sponsoring company, where they will be greeted by a participating "Host". and the WiseHouse Coach.    Prior to the Rotation, the Guests and the Host have created an Objective Based development visit with the guidance of their WiseHouse coach and the sponsoring Leaders.

While there are multiple reasons to consider different candidates for the program, sponsoring companies are most likely to benefit by seeking their Top-Talent who have significant influence and potential.  These candidates may be at a high risk of leaving.   Companies should also consider Legacy Leaders who have limited external exposure, but who are energized by learning and implementing new and innovative ideas.  WiseHouse coaches will assist in the selection.

Participating companies are encouraged to seek and foster long-term relationships, especially when companies find strategic business benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Pilot and What will I need to do?

Absolutely!  Geographical diversity can add to the learning experience! 

Note:  The WiseHouse pricing does not include the cost of travel, but travel costs are usually minimal with only two Guests traveling, plus the costs of the coach to usually make one additional trip to finalize the details prior to the 3-day Exchange.

During the Pilot, participants are requested to participate in "feedback" sessions, to continually improve the WiseHouse product for future Top-Leaders and Companies participating in the program.  Participating parties are also kindly asked to agree to a standard Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Like Industries - WiseHouse does not include organizations from the same industry to participate within an Exchange.  Many participating leaders are in positions with access to proprietary information, thus it is not advisable to place leaders in a "conflict of interest" situation.

Non-Compete - WiseHouse requires Sponsoring Companies, Guests and Hosts to agree to a 2-year non-compete.

Legal Agreements - WiseHouse facilitates the legal agreements between the Sponsoring Companies' Legal Departments, Guests and Hosts.

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How Long Before we will see the Benefits from WiseHouse?

If I'm not in Atlanta, may I still participate in the Pilot?

How Much Does the Program Cost?

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The Guests and Hosts are expected to seek, and find potential solutions for the Sponsoring Company.  This creates the win/win by bringing a new innovation to the sponsoring company, while giving the leaders an opportunity to Strategize, Plan, and Implement Organizational Changes.   WiseHouse, through Eggli, also provides Project Management services to ensure Implementation after the engagement.


What if participating companies would like to engage in a long-term "Synergistic" relationship?

How Do I Select the "Top-Talent" in My Organization?

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There are two primary considerations for timing:

First, The expectations of the Guests & Hosts who participate  in the program.  While the actual Exchange is a 3-day commitment, there are also two social/networking events with other leaders from the other participating organization.   At the beginning of the program, Guests & Hosts participate in assessments and coaching/planning sessions with a WiseHouse coach to stabilize their objectives.  They also participate in a short training session to set-expectations, learn processes, and ensure they are prepared to leverage each of the 3-day rotation.  

The second primary consideration for timing is Implementation.  For the program to be a win/win, the Guests & Hosts may be requested to provide different options for their own organization.