WiseHouse "One"

 Early 2019


Where Top Leaders

and Leading Companies Discover Innovative Solutions

Key Leverage Points:

Eggli's Mission

Due to client requests, WiseHouse will offer an Exchange Program with "One" Exchange


  • Two Organizations

  • Select 2 Top-Talent Leaders from each Company
  • Each Rotation lasts for 2-days
  • 1 Rotation during the 30 day Experience
  • Introductory discount available for new Hosts & Guests

Resources & Research

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Leaders Lead People;

People Change the World.

Our experts use "Objective Based" coaching to ensure the

Key Leverage Points of the program are met for both the Top-Talent and the Sponsoring Organizations.  While each WiseHouse experience is designed to meet specific objectives, some common Key Leverage Points include:

Functional Key Leverage Points:

  • Human Resources Best Practices
  • Technology Innovations
  • Marketing in a New Generation
  • Operational Efficiencies &  Improvements

Organizational Key Leverage Points:

  • Decision Making Processes
  • "High Performance" Corporate Culture
  • Leadership & Ethical Decision Making
  • Sustainability

Hours: Mon - Sat 8am - 6pm
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