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A member of the Goldman Sachs 10KSB Program


Win/Win Benefits

Where Top Leaders

and Leading Companies Discover Innovative Solutions


Many companies hire expensive consultants to solve complex business problems.

Many companies invest in the on-boarding and the training of Top-Talent, then the talent leaves the company for their own personal and professional development.   

Or, legacy companies retain their Top-Talent, but the Top-Talent is  limited by his or her lack of exposure to innovative ideas and new business techniques.


Welcome to the WiseHouse Program

Where Top Leaders are retained and Leading Companies discover innovative solutions to complex business problems.

Participating companies first select  the business challenge they would like to address, and avoid external consultants.  

Then, the company selects two  high-performing leaders to act as "Guest" and a "Host" in the WiseHouse program.

During three 1-week exchanges, over the 6-month program,  Top-Talent leaders investigate, study, and produce recommendations to solve their own companies challenges.

WiseHouse Coaches facilitate the program to ensure the ROI Results.



Bold &

Creative Solutions.

Participating Company Benefits

  • ​Avoid expensive Consultants
  • Implement Leading "Best Practices"
  • Stabilize Top-Talent "Turn-Over"
  • Attract Top-Talent
  • Reduce Hiring/Training Costs
  • Build corporate Synergistic relationships

Top-Talent Benefits

  • Exposure to Multiple Industries & Leading Companies
  • Opportunity to lead and Implement Changes
  • Build an Impressive Network & Resume